Top 4 Accent Luxury Furniture & Decor You Should Buy

by Nepheline Dacuno

A luxury home is a melting pot of style and innovative structures. Whether you decide to cop modern or traditional interiors, what sets a luxury home apart from other homes is not solely its size and grandeur but the abundance of accent decor and equally stylish furniture. 

By simple definition, accent furniture and decor refers to any decorative item or object that stands out among other objects in a room or design scheme. More often than not, these statement pieces serve as the central focus of the space, driving the eye towards the center of the room. However, it is still important to stick within the theme or scheme for a seamless aesthetic and flow. 

Does this idea get you excited to start transforming your home? Let our comprehensive guide give you just the suitable recommendations to buy on your next luxury furniture and decor shopping spree!

1. Golden Brass Coffee & Side Tables

Make bolder statements in your living and bedroom spaces with shiny and striking finishes. Brass is making a massive comeback as it was usually associated with vintage decor schemes. Nowadays, a touch of its timeless quality can undoubtedly give your home a more luxurious feel. 

If this is exactly what you’re looking for, then our Golden Brass Coffee Table and Side Table are the luxury accent furniture items you will need. They come in angular and curvaceous shapes so you have options depending on your style preferences. 

Place an equally stunning table lamp from our collection, like our Pearl Mable Table Lamp or Parisian Floor Lamp, and you can create a living space that boasts sophistication and style.

2. Velvet & Boucle Occasional Chairs 

Did you know that primary furniture such as seating also makes for great accent pieces? Depending on the size of your room or home, an occasional chair alone can make a tremendous difference to the overall look. If not, achieve your desired look ultimately.  

The secret lies within the details. Upholstery options like velvet and boucle exude a touch of luxury without going overboard. Leather seating is also a great option, as the texture is often considered to be a top choice among luxury furniture enthusiasts.

Apart from texture, style and shape also come into play if you want an accent chair. Our Wave Velvet Occasional Chairs boasts a curvaceous and modern silhouette that stands out in any room. Our Puff Velvet Occasional Chairs don an iconic design inspired by the 1970s. These are great examples of accent chairs you can work with styling your space.

3. Long & Short Ottomans

Are you looking to extend exquisite comfort to your feet? Ottomans are great pieces that will complement your stunning lounge set. There are dozens of ottoman shapes and styles but they usually fall between two forms: long and short. Deciding on length can help you better coordinate the rest of your furniture. 

Aside from their comforting function, ottomans are also great accent pieces when chosen correctly. Long ottomans also work as main seating if you aim for a more laidback lounging experience. Our Curvo Velvet Curved Long Ottoman offers style and sophistication in just a single piece. 

long cured ottoman with a blanket and throw pillow

Our Curvo Velvet Oval Ottoman, Tofu Velvet Ottoman, and Cloud Ottoman are your best bets for more subtle luxury. Not only do they provide extra comfort, but you can also turn them into coffee tables!

4. Abstract prints or paintings

Another more obvious sign of good taste is an eye and appreciation for fine art. A home can quickly look like a purveyor of luxurious design with a few exquisite prints or paintings. 

Abstract art fits into the modern design scheme like a glove. The bigger the artwork, the more it attracts the eye. Even if you own minimalist furniture, an abstract print or painting can seamlessly lift a room. Sometimes, an artwork is all you need to add a touch of colour and luxurious detail–and this is precisely what makes it a perfect accent piece.

Our artwork collection consists of expertly crafted visuals that cater to different style tastes. You can find various marriages of colour, textures, and patterns. All you need to do is choose which one of them speaks to your style tastes the most. 

The bottomline: A modern luxury home can be yours for less!

Modern luxury furniture, albeit functional, is usually decorative in nature. The best thing about buying them is that you hit two birds with one stone–a single piece like a leather daybed or velvet sofa may do just the right job, especially if you are on a budget. 

With that said, any homeowner who wishes to capture a sophisticated lifestyle can do so for much less! You can achieve the same effect with just a few tweaks within a decor furniture scheme–this is where accent furniture and decor come into the picture. 

Bubuland Home has a wide range of specially curated collections that cater to your style tastes. We also have a bespoke sofa service where we create custom-made furniture within your desired budget and design scheme. Whether it’s modern luxury furniture you want, a boucle sofa, or a leather daybed, our team can make it happen for you!