How To Practice Sustainability With Your Modern Luxury Furniture

How To Practice Sustainability With Your Modern Luxury Furniture

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How To Practice Sustainability With Your Modern Luxury Furniture

by Nepheline Dacuno

Sustainable living is a concept that is taking the world by storm. It takes on several forms and practices that people and industries all over the globe follow and do in the best ways they can. While efforts to live a more eco-friendly life have built a solid community in several parts of the world, there will always be a demand to lay a strong foundation to keep sustainable values alive for generations. 

Luckily for new and seasoned homeowners, sustainability has quickly influenced consumer behaviour when shopping for furniture. Many sustainable furniture brands and companies take eco-friendly principles with utmost importance, and Bubuland Home is one of them. 

One of our best qualities as a local online business is to ensure that our materials are sustainably sourced and durable. That’s why we ensure our clients and customers are informed about our processes as they receive the best quality modern luxury furniture. 

If going green is a home styling goal of yours, we have compiled a list of the best sustainable practices you can do when shopping for new Bubuland Home furniture.

1. Reupholster your furniture. 

Luxurious textures and upholstery options are a big factor in buying new furniture. Every customer wants to get the best quality cushioning and textures, but purchasing new pieces may occasionally stir problems, especially if you don’t have extra space or storage to keep them. 

Instead of chucking them out, opt for luxury furniture that allows reupholstering. The practice involves replacing the covers or seating materials every now and then instead of buying a new piece altogether. 

You not only save money but it’s more eco-friendly because you don’t need to waste precious materials and frames in the process. Bubuland Home also offers furniture with washable covers so you can do your regular cleaning hassle-free! 

Our sofas and occasional chairs come with high-density cushioning that is built to last you years. This is a practical quality that makes refreshing your home more cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

2. Look for certifications or accreditations with NGOs that promote sustainable sourcing and forest preservation. 

Picture this: you are shopping for new luxury furniture and you come across a store that features their products’ best qualities. Everything about a product, whether wooden tables or velvet sofas, checks out for you, except how do you know they were made with sustainably sourced materials?

Thankfully, there are international and local non-profit organisations that promote sustainable and responsible sourcing and forest management. They certify manufacturers and companies who use responsibly harvested wood for furniture. 

Bubuland Home is proud to be part of an environmentally aware community. Our products are sustainably sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified manufacturers. The FSC is an organization that prompts exactly that and certifies environmentally responsible manufacturers. 

When you shop for new furniture, we can reassure you of our sustainable practices and processes as our products are FSC certified. It’s always good to keep an eye out for the logos of such NGOs so you can, one way or another, contribute to a more eco-friendly environment.

3. Shop for modern luxury furniture with long-term warranties. 

A worry-free lounging experience is always a worthy investment. Durability and premium warranty are two perks that often come with purchasing modern luxury furniture. In short, you get what you pay for. 

A long-term warranty, as offered by Bubuland Home, promises to ensure an enduring lounging experience and peace of mind. Durable furniture can last for many years, thus reducing waste and costs, as well as a foolproof repair/return plan when you encounter structural issues with your furniture.

It’s always a good idea to do your research or inquire about a product’s warranty or policy. It’s also a good way to learn about expert craftsmanship and utmost care in buying luxury furniture.

Have something in mind for you or a client?

Bubuland Home can help you with all your custom furniture needs. 

4. Reuse old packaging.

Depending on the size of your new furniture, you may receive a medium to large boxes or bags upon delivery or receipt from the store. While recycling is a standard practice among sustainable living enthusiasts, reusing old packaging is a good way to jumpstart an eco-friendlier lifestyle. 

Aside from sizes, the type of material used for packaging matters. As an online store, Bubuland Home delivers packaged furniture in reusable materials. We also offer complimentary gift bags that you can use for future storage. 

From arts and crafts activities to storage solutions, reusing your packaging offers many benefits to the environment. Biodegradable materials may break down in time but using them until they are no longer in shape can save the earth from more waste. The same goes for non-biodegradable materials. As much as possible, bring your own shopping bag for smaller items during pick-up or reuse the material as much as you can.

Begin a more eco-friendly lifestyle with Bubuland Home!

We are proud of our FSC-certified products and partners and wish to promote more sustainable living practices to our clients and trade partners. Regarding modern luxury furniture, we shouldn’t ignore the environmental costs in the manufacturing process.

That’s why with stores like Bubuland Home, we ensure that our sustainable values are seen through the products you buy. Our 10-Year Structural Warranty, FSC-certified craftsmanship, and upholstery options are catalysts to fulfill our promise of high-quality and sustainable living. 

Does a more sustainable lifestyle sound exciting to you? Jumpstart a rewarding design journey with Bubuland Home, your premium choice for sustainable and modern luxury furniture. Explore our collections now!