4 Best Lamp Ideas to Light Up Your Modern Home

by Nepheline Dacuno

Lighting is a vital aspect of a home. Whether you own a flat or two-storey house, an influx of light is essential for any homeowner’s design scheme and well-being. While natural sunlight is ideal, not all floor plans or structures allow it. This is where lighting fixtures come into play. 

Lighting in general lifts or boosts the overall mood of a home. A brighter ambiance offers a warm and inviting air than darker or shaded areas. Depending on the mood you want to set for each room in your modern home, you can always work around how much light you want in those areas. 

Lamps are a great fix to set different moods in each space of your home. The best part? There are dozens of lamp styles or lighting fixtures in the market. Here at Bubuland Home, we have a fine selection of lamps that cater to any home design scheme.

Here are our four best lamp ideas to light up your home to get you started!

1. Marble table lamps

Table lamps are the ideal lighting type you can utilise in almost any room. They are versatile and can be easily placed on side tables or coffee tables. They also give ample light, making them perfect for bedroom styling. 

Table lamp designs are vast, meaning you can choose styles that cater to seasonal decor or the design aesthetic you aim for. For example, a marble table lamp can fit perfectly into the scheme if you want to keep your bedroom decor simple. 

Our marble table lamp designs are made to give your space a subtle touch of luxury. They come in the right shape and size and aren’t too flashy. Take our Pearl Marble Lamp, for example. 

It offers a minimalist design that is classy and stunning on its own. Marble table lamps like ours can seamlessly fit within a modern luxury home design scheme, and if that’s what you are aiming for, you can easily shop it below!


2. Steel floor lamps

Are you looking to bring more edge to your modern home? Give it a chic industrial glow! An open, “warehouse”-like materials are the most compelling elements of an industrial design aesthetic. Natural colour palettes are also often favoured over bolder ones. It’s a unique style scheme screams laid-back, giving spaces an uplifting air and a more natural flow. 

Styling your home with this design aesthetic often means using materials like steel and concrete on furniture, luxury decor, and lighting fixtures. A great example would be our Parisian Floor Lamp, made with stainless steel and linen shades.

The highest quality craftsmanship, paired with a classic espresso colour, assures that this floor lamp’s beauty will remain a defining modern home decor item even as the years pass. 

We also have a matching Parisian Table Lamp you can place on your bedside tables or coffee tables!

3. Natural stone table lamps

Earthy tones and elements give a refreshing touch to any space–stones like marble and travertine harness the outdoors within the comfort of your own home. Although it’s always a good idea to refresh your furniture now and then, you can still make subtle yet stunning changes instead. 

Our Sahara Travertine Table Lamp does the job perfectly. Its unfilled travertine base and sandy colour make it an excellent choice for airy and neutral-coloured spaces. Best placed in bedrooms or as a statement piece in your modern living room. 

Our furniture and homewares collections also feature several crafted travertine pieces. From candle holders to side tables, Bubuland Home has the perfect natural stone decor you need.

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Sahara Travertine White and Matte Table Mushroom Lamp

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4. Concrete table lamps

Concrete table lamps are your best bet if you want to keep home decor styling simple. Raw energy married with elegance is a quality you can enjoy from such minimalist decor. Depending on the shape and size of the lamp, they fit nicely into almost any contemporary modern home. 

Our Element Concrete Table Lamp, for instance, combines geometric shapes with the simplicity of concrete. It’s a reasonably large piece, making it perfect as a statement piece in your living room or bedroom. 

Concrete table lamps are also versatile. The most commonly associated colour with the material is grey, so they can seamlessly blend into several colour palettes. They are also durable, so you can expect enduring lighting throughout your home.

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Black & White Round Element Concrete Table Lamp
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Black and White Square Element Table Lamp

Light up your home with Bubuland Home’s fine range of lamps!

We at Bubuland Home know how important lighting is in home design. The idea of creating a space that influences your mood and aesthetically pleases your sense is at the forefront of our lamp designs. 

We believe that modern decor is an extension of your own personality and unique taste. Our table lamps not only bring light, but they also come in various styles that can complement your preferred design scheme. Make the most of modern home design by choosing from our homewares collection!

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