How to choose the best sofa for your lounge room

How to choose the best sofa for your lounge room

How do you choose the best sofa or lounge for your Melbourne home or office? Read this blog to learn the advice of the pros.

Sofa is called by many names. This includes the terms couch, lounge, daybeds and more. This is where we read, eat, drink, watch tv, entertain friends, and at times sleep. So it is not surprising that many of us would wish to invest in a unique and high quality sofa. But how do you choose that perfect sofa for your homes or offices?


Do you have the right measurement?

Before finding the right sofa for your home and offices, it is important for you to have an approximated measurement of available space for your sofa. This includes allocating a space for lamps,  consoles, center or side tables. With this in mind, you can ensure that your area will not look cramped. 


Do you have the right measurement

Where do you plan to place it?

Have a foresight on where your sofa will be placed. Will it be placed near the window or are planning to set it against the wall? Do you have a certain focal point where it will be oriented such as  a huge painting or aquarium? Consider all of these aspects so you can easily choose the right size of sofa to buy. 


Where do you plan to place it

Your seating arrangement reflects how it is to be used. So if you intend a certain corner to be a place for intimate conversations then having a pair of armchairs would be the perfect choice; otherwise choose a lounge set if it is to be used by a larger group. 


How sturdy is the frame?

If you want to invest in a good quality sofa, then you should carefully look  at the material used in its frame. Choose a solid hardwood frame, but a metal frame may also be an option. If unsure how long it will last, then it's best to look at the guarantee offered by the manufacturer. At the very least, look at furniture with at least a 10-year guarantee.


 How sturdy is the frame?


What type of fabric do you prefer?

Your choice of fabric greatly depends on the daily activities of your lounge. 


What type of fabric do you prefer

For a busy family with pets, it is best to choose a fabric that can easily be cleaned or lounges that have washable covers. Otherwise, if you are aiming at a sophisticated and elegant look, then velvet fabric would be perfect for it. 


Is the cushion comfortable?

You have several options in choosing the type of cushion for your sofa. This can either be a foam, fibre or feather filled or a combination of all three.


What’s the best option?

For a customised solution, it is best to ask a bespoke furniture supplier to uniquely manufacture one for you based on your unique specifications. In this manner, they can measure, design and construct your dream sofa as you want it.

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