Our Guide to a Calming & Mood Inspiring Space

Our Guide to a Calming & Mood Inspiring Space

We all dream of a stress-free lifestyle. One that allows us to sit back and switch off effortlessly. Sometimes it feels like unwinding and switching off our thoughts about work, study and the insurmountable events in our lives is work in itself.

Allow our Nanita Three Seater Sofa with a Chaise to assist you relax and switch off after a busy day

Our Environment Matters

We may not have a touch-screen to turn off mental reminders. Although, we could think about our environment and how it influences our mood as a place to begin. Perhaps you might like to set-up a space that influences a greater sense of relaxation after a busy day. What does this space look like to you?

Look around you for ideas you love - you may want to begin with an exceptionally comfortable armchair or couch such as our Block Armchair

Interior Styling Inspires the Mood

Styling is not just for the fashion lovers and instagrammers. Your surroundings at home and all that’s around you very much evokes a mood that we experience instantaneously. Interior styling considerations and creative ideas are a fabulously tangible place to begin. Switch off as you switch on your interior style.

Store It Away for Another Day

Storage is essential, most especially for smaller homes and apartments. Feeling as though we are in a swamp of stuff can also feel overwhelming. Storage is functionally convenient for anything we want to put away for another day. Moments of minimalism throughout a space can certainly create style harmony and calmness, in general.

Implement creative interior accents that say something about the colour palettes, silhouettes and textures you adore. These will also create an energy that says something about your personality.


Moments of Colour & Elaborate Detail

Here are some playful favourites of ours at Bubuland HQ. We can’t say no to faux these faux flowers combined with our lanterns. Oh, and candles! The scent of a room plays an important role too. The scent of a candle is significant in how it makes us feel calm in a space. Subtle and soothing scents are always a winner.

Translate Who You Are into Your Styling

Style a space that’s distinctly you. It should capture your essence and all that you love. This will undoubtedly have an influence on your home being your ‘happy place’ - a place to switch off and recharge. We hope we've inspired your inner interior stylist to come out and play.