3 Tips on How You Can Style Your Bedroom Like a Pro

3 Tips on How You Can Style Your Bedroom Like a Pro

Did you know that one-third of an average person’s life is spent sleeping? And yes, that also means that one-third of your life is spent being in your bedroom! That’s why you owe it to yourself to take some time and make your personal sanctuary, your bedroom, as aesthetic and as comfy as possible. And since Father’s Day is just around the corner, maybe you can surprise your dads by giving their bedrooms an instant makeover. Sounds great? We’ve got some tips on how you can up your bedroom styling game and design it like a pro.


#1 Start with artwork

Your bedroom is your oasis, and everything you see in it should help you unwind and simply bring you joy and instant relaxation. When choosing artworks for your bedroom, pick the ones which speak to your personality the most. Not only do artworks serve as your personal expression, but they will also help you set the overall mood for your bedroom.




#2 Keep your bedside tables stunning

Mind the textures! Picking out vases or pots for your bedside tables? Here’s a tip: Consider different textures if you’re looking for ceramic, glass, wood or metal vases and pots. You can experiment on different levels, shapes, and colours too! Then, complete the aesthetic of your bedside tables with some faux flowers or greenery.






#3 Make your bed as comfortable as possible

As mentioned, one-third of your life is spent snoozing on your bed, so you might as well invest in it. Right? Before dwelling on choosing colors and textures for your sheets and pillows, the comfortability of your bed should always come first. Once you’ve built a solid foundation by choosing the best mattress that you can afford, it’s time to throw in some sheets and cushions! You can create dimensions by selecting a variety of shapes and textures.




Here’s a quick flick you can watch to guide you for your bedroom makeover. In this Style with Us series with Kellie of Kurved by Design, they featured some Bubuland Home premium items that you can also use to craft your very own room! Take a look. Watch out for more styling vids soon!



Now, you’re ready to do a bedroom revamp! Don’t forget to enjoy crafting your room. After all, it’s your personal getaway, the place you go to after a long, tiring day. Just follow these tips to get you started and have the aesthetic bedroom you’ve always dreamed of. And while you’re here, check out some gift ideas for your main man this coming Father’s Day at bubulandhome.com.au and use the code DADS10 to get a 10% discount!