3 Spring Colour Palette Ideas Guaranteed to Make Your Home Look Fresher Than Ever 

Spring has sprung! Now that winter is over and gone, it’s time to revamp your home to make it look like spring is really in the air. To help you with that, we've put together a list of fresh colour palette ideas for your interiors: 

1. Dusty pink – has been a very popular colour this year and has also been tagged as “Millennial Pink”. We can all agree that there’s a good percentage of people who love the colour pink but this toned-down version really started a craze and has recently become a favoured shade. Its peaceful shade brings an aura of softness and comfort. It is warm, soothing, welcoming, and suits many interior styles.

2. Cream/Beige - it’s neutral and calming – very versatile and seen in furniture and home décor. No wonder why it’s the go-to shade for interior design colour palettes. It’s safe to say that its earthly shade never fails to complement most home spaces. Also, this dreamy colour palette is perfect not just for spring but all year round. Masterfully paired with the right furnishings, this lovely shade can create a perfect atmosphere for ultimate relaxation. 

3. Dusty blue – brings joy and works extremely for your cold tones or warm tones as a contrast. Dusty blue simply evokes a quiet charm and there is something about

it that seems to bring clarity in the air. Although there are many shades of blue to love, this particular delicate hue tops our list to make your interiors look fresh and calm at the same time. 

With these trendy colour palettes, no doubt, any room can look F-R-E-S-H. What are you waiting for? Start to make the spring magic happen!