5 ways to improve your bedroom decor

5 ways to improve your bedroom decor

Are you looking for inspiration for modern bedroom ideas? Bedroom decoration combining a modern design aesthetic with your unique tastes offers a great way to ensure you can relax and retreat to your bedroom each evening.

The way we approach interior design is different for everyone, so there is no one way for you to attempt bedroom decoration. Yet that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few modern bedroom ideas to explore for motivation!

At Bubuland Home, we have put together 5 simple tips to get you started on your bedroom interior design journey.


1. Choose Subtle Colours for a Calming Design Aesthetic

The bedroom is the place where we all come to rest, so your bedroom’s interior design and decoration should naturally reflect this. Instead of choosing bold, bright colours, opt instead for soothing tones and shades. A colour palette made of gentle blues, lavenders and greens, for example, is considered calming, making them the perfect choice for a bedroom design aesthetic. These colours combined with richer counterparts, like emerald or pomegranate, can create a sense of comfort that not only relaxes but promotes the onset of sleep.

That said, you do not need to eschew your favourite colours completely. Part of creating your bedroom décor ideas is incorporating your tastes as much as possible. So, why not try slightly toned-down versions of different colours and experiment with combinations to find the perfect balance for your styling preferences?


2. Keep It Simple with Elegant Bedroom Interior Design & Wall Décor

Once you have selected your colour palette, it is time to flesh out the interior design of the bedroom. Wall décor like transformative wallpaper and eclectic art prints can easily provide depth and decoration. Working with neutral or toned-down colours means that you can enjoy using these additions to include accent features and colours to really make the space your own.

Next, try to expand your bedroom décor ideas by investing in quality bedding and linens. Experiment with textures and enhance your design aesthetic where possible. Instead of bold patterns and colours, you could even turn your bedroom styling towards texture and tones to realise modern bedroom ideas and create an updated look.

Whatever your choices, these accessories and decorations provide opportunities to personalise your bedroom even further. Your bedroom interior design should reflect your ideas and who you are, from the furnishing to the light fixtures


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3. Enjoy Successful Bedroom Styling with the Right Size Furniture

Have you ever seen a bedroom that has been crammed with furniture of all shapes and sizes? Not only does this present itself as clumsy bedroom styling, but it is also perilously difficult to navigate. When refining your bedroom interior design ideas, measuring the space and creating a floor plan before purchasing any furniture can be incredibly useful.

Remember, furniture should fit the room it lives in.

Bedroom décor should also look sophisticated and elegant, no matter your styling. Keeping the space uncluttered and airy will help to maintain this design aesthetic. Try furnishing the space with only the furniture that you need, including a bed, side tables, a dresser, and a chair. You can then accessorise these pieces with personalised bedroom décor ideas like statement rugs or wall décor. In keeping your interior design relaxed and uncluttered you can enjoy your bedroom free of distractions.


4. Create Multiple Lighting Options for Ultimate Bedroom Styling

To fully enjoy your bedroom styling, you will want to have various lighting options depending on the time of day. When planning your bedroom décor ideas, the use of layered lighting will bring depth and ambience to the space. Mix it up with ambient lighting for whole room illumination and small lamps for focused points of light.

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5. Discover a Whole New Design Aesthetic with Covered Windows

When we think about bedroom wall décor, somehow windows get lost in the mix. Yet is there anything more appealing than a beautifully dressed window that provides colour, texture, and softness to your bedroom décor? From heavy curtains to opaque blinds, experimenting with bedroom décor ideas for your windows can help create an intimate, personal space that you cannot wait to enjoy each day. Combine these décor ideas with carefully selected wall art, photographs, or accessories to build up your wall décor to create a stunning design aesthetic.


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