How to find the right sofa for your living room

How to find the right sofa for your living room

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Choosing a sofa to fit into a modern living room design can be a complex process. From creating inspiration boards filled with living room decor ideas, to carefully drafting selection criteria, not to mention reviewing hundreds of options online and in person, deciding on a couch to complement your living room décor – yes, it’s overwhelming.

To help you get started, here are 5 tips to find the right sofa for your living room design from our team at Bubuland Home.


1. Do the Sofa Designs Fit Your Living Room Décor?

The first thing to consider when browsing sofa designs is style. Think about your current living room décor ideas and decide what kind of custom sofa will best suit your existing style. This might seem like an obvious tip, but many buyers purchase sofa designs that they like, rather than designs that will complement their current living room design. For a modern living room, all the elements, like sofas, rugs, furnishings, and accessories, need to tie together to get a look exactly right. Without factoring in your wider lounge room design, you might end up with a custom sofa that is both fabulous and functional, but looks completely out of place.

Take this gorgeous George Leather Daybed Sofa, for example.


Screaming elegance and sophistication, it is a sofa that would pop in any modern interior (and it just so happens to be on sale).


2. How Functional is Your Lounge Room Design?

The best way to determine how functional sofa designs are is to think carefully about how you will be using them. Again, this probably sounds obvious, but the type of custom sofa you choose will have a massive effect on your overall lounge room design. Is your sofa going to be used as part of a structured formal lounge room? Or will it need to be soft and comfortable for a kids’ zone?
As you brainstorm modern living room ideas, be sure to consider questions like:

  • How many people will need to sit on your sofa?
  • Will kids and pets be on it?
  • Will guests need to sleep on it?
  • Is it comfortable?

 By answering these questions ahead of time, you can get a good idea of the type of custom sofa you want before you even start looking.


3. Does it Overpower Your Living Room Décor?

Size matters. From physically getting it through the door to the way it complements your lounge room design, the scale and proportion of your custom sofa are important. If any of your sofa designs overpower the living room décor or impede the flow of traffic, then it will become a hindrance.

A modern living room needs to be evenly proportioned, and your sofa designs are no exception. To properly complement your living room design you will need to take the sofa’s length, depth, and back height into consideration. Try fleshing out your living room décor ideas by visualising each piece from all angles. This will help you determine whether your sofa designs will work as part of your larger living room designs.


4. Are You Getting Value for Lounge Room Design?

Sofas are investments. A good couch needs a strong structure as it’s a core part of any living room décor. Just because it looks amazing the day you buy it, does not mean it will stay that way for long. To avoid visible wear and tear appearing sooner rather than later, it is recommended to buy the best quality sofa designs that you can afford. Not only will this add to your lounge room design, but it will also help save money in the long term by avoiding any repairs or replacement requirements.

When chosen wisely, a good custom sofa can last years and offer great value.


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