Top 5 Ways to Style Easter Colours with Luxury Furniture

Easter celebrations are meaningful in so many ways. To most, they are wholesome affairs filled with fun activities for friends and family. To others, it's a season for change and new beginnings—especially when it comes to styling your home with unique or modern luxury furniture.


Creating a fresh and contemporary look for your home requires inspiration and a design plan. Luckily, Easter comes with a colour palette unique to the season. Whether its modern furniture or festive decor, choosing a suitable colour scheme can give you a better idea of the changes you want.


At Bubuland Home, we have the best modern luxury furniture options for you. Our collection comes in an extensive range of colours to cater to your Easter design ideas. To get you started, here are five ways you can style Easter colours with a luxurious touch:

1. Make the most out of modern luxury furniture with white.

No other colour is as versatile as the colour white. It looks and feels clean and soft and evokes feelings of comfort on almost any surface or piece of furniture. It's even a vital colour during Easter and is often associated with the central themes of the holiday.


When it comes to modern luxury furniture, white is the ideal colour scheme. No matter the shape or style, white swatches guarantee a level of luxury minus the hefty costs. The colour also naturally expands and brightens any space or corner in your home. 

That is what makes our Pure White Curvo Boucle Sofa the perfect example of this simple sophistication–it can stand alone as an attractive cloud of comfort without the fuss. 

From ceramic vases to ball cushions, its white and soft swatch matches any coloured accents or fancy decor. Add a matching white marble side table as a stylish cherry on top.

2. Create a calm and inviting retreat with blue.

Did you know thatthe rarest colour in nature is blue? It is mind-blowing since we see an arrayof blue hues every day, from the sky to the ocean. If you think about it,paradise scenes are often associated with blue. This intangible trait gives ita lot of character, especially in styling luxury furniture.


Our Louis Velvet Occasional Chair, for example, gives offa calm and inviting vibe to your living space. It's a mood-setting piece thatwe are sure your guests or family members will love as their favourite spotwhen they visit. With its durable hardwood frames and high-density cushions,this blue occasional chair guarantees an enduring lounging experience in theyears to come.

Add more characterto your living space by pairing blue hues with our ceramic floor vases, fauxflowers, or another velvet sofa from our Living Room collection!

3. Use pink’s dreamy shades for an Instagram-worthy space.

The colour pink is often associated with joy and hope—a sentiment worth amplifying when you gather your friends and family to celebrate. Don't let pink's notorious bright tones intimidate you, however.


If it's a softer hue you are after, opt for dusty tones and velvety textures to bring a more elegant feel to your desired space, just like how our Wave Velvet Occasional Chair in Dusty Pink does the trick. Its curvy backrest and sculptural design make it a great statement piece for Instagram-savvy homebodies.


Complete the luxurylounge setting with a brass coffee table, a velvet sofa, and a few stems fromour pink faux flower collection.

4. Give your home a creative touch with refreshing hues of green. 

Because the colour green is often associated with natural elements, its hues breathe a refreshing and energising air into any space. Whether you want to harness the freshness of the outdoors in your living room or create a quiet and deeply relaxing sanctuary, styling this colour allows you to get creative!


Speaking of creativity, opting for smart and adaptable luxury furniture is a great way to start your styling journey with this colour. You can start with one statement piece at a time with modular furniture pieces like our Tofu Velvet Modular Sofa in Olive Green, specifically designed to allow seamless rearrangements and transformations with just one set.

You can add our Tofu Velvet Armless Seats if you love having guests to create a luxurious and energising lounging experience. Our Tofu Velvet Ottoman makes for a great seating option or coffee table! Add touches of everlasting nature with our hanging plants, leaves, and greenery for more subtle accents.


There’s almost no limit to how much or how little you can style the colour scheme when it comes to green modern furniture and decor. You are guaranteed an evergreen interior design plan no matter where you decide to place your furniture pieces.

Do you have a furniture design plan in mind? We have just the right Bespoke Service for you. Get a free quote!

5. Make your dining room sparkle with gold tableware.

Luxury and gold go hand in hand with each other. Gold adds a stylish and sparkling touch to gatherings around the dining table as an Easter colour. Styling your space with a bold colour like gold requires a balance in your design plan.


While the colour is appealing, it is just as attractive when used subtly. Golden accents and trims are significant modern fixes to vintage but timeless colour schemes.


This Easter, create a dining space fit for royalty with just the right pieces from our tableware collection! For example, add personality and charm to the table with our Camus Golden Glass Cups and Noble Aluminium Coasters.

Another great idea is to pair the scheme with white. If you want a lighter and brighter Easter dining experience, opt for white plates or dishes with gold trimmings like our Spread Your Wing White Ceramic Plate and Golden Paint Brush Mug. They give your dining space just the right pop of glitz and glam.

Get the Best Modern Luxury Furniture For Your Easter Celebrations

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