4 Best Design Tips For Your Dining Room 

Renewing your dining room is an exciting venture. From buffet cabinets to dining chairs, your options to make changes are endless! While it may seem like the living warrants the most attention in a home, the dining room is equally deserving of grand changes. 

If you think about it, some of the most memorable moments spent with friends and family involve sitting together at a dining table. People often flock around the dining room at parties or gatherings in anticipation of the delectable food.

Whether you agree or disagree, the dining room is a chief space that allows you to explore design plans where function meets style. 

To get you started, here is Bubuland Home's comprehensive guide to designing your dining room:

1. Decide on your dining room's function. 

One crucial factor you need to consider is to decide on your dining room's function. Is it an area made for serving breakfast and tea? What about a formal dining room for special events? In most cases, you are likely to choose cleaner lines and modern furniture for the latter, but if the occasion is casual or for every day, a rustic theme may be more suitable. 

Deciding on your dining room's central function will influence your new luxury furniture or decor purchases. You wouldn't want to spend so much on new things and not use them in the end. Gravitate towards pieces around your theme instead of the other way around. 

For example, if your overall theme is rustic and casual, you will likely get a farmhouse dining table instead of a glass one. Wooden tables stand out and make for a perfectly rustic look with little to no extra decoration, just like our Farmhouse Trestle Table. Add color and character with our ceramic or glass vases as a centerpiece. We have a wide range of curated pieces that cater to your design tastes. Explore more here! 

If it's difficult to choose, you can always opt for versatile modern luxury furniture that blends function and style in one piece, just like our Melina Wide Buffet Cabinet. It's the perfect storage system that is stylish to befit both living and dining room sets. 


2. Choose your table width or size wisely. 

Of course, before you start addressing the many detailed changes you want to make, you will need to consider the size of your dining room. The more exemplary decorations will depend on how big or small your dining table is or will be. The dining table is a statement piece, so choosing an ideal width and size is essential. 

Our Farmhouse Trestle Table can accommodate six seats, which is ideal for medium to large-sized dining spaces. Our table's simple yet elegant design makes a seamless and visually pleasing transition if you have an open floorplan that connects your dining room to your kitchen area. 

Studio or condo units can significantly benefit from this tip, primarily when kitchen bar counters and islands serve as the main dining area. You can save more space in smaller areas by opting for comfy kitchen and bar stools from our Dining collection

Our Bali High Bar Stool and Rattan Stackable Bar Stool are perfect options for a casual and homey design. On the other hand, our Black Steel Bar Stool and Brass Aluminium Bar Stool give off industrial and modern vibes for a contemporary home.

3.Opt for stylish chairs to complement your dining table.

The dining area connects to the kitchen or living room in most home floorplans. You can always pattern your dining chair designs over your sofas and occasional chairs for an easier transition. However, designing a completely different dining room shouldn't intimidate you either. 

It may seem complicated, but with the right textures and upholstery options, you will realize that opting for a completely different vibe for your dining room is just as fun and hassle-free. Our dining chair collection features stylish and comfortable pieces to get you started. 

For example, our Valor Dining Chair's velvet upholstery gives off a more luxurious feel. It gives your dining space a pop of bold colour and modern luxury vibes. Our Wishbone Chair has natural and wooden finishes for a softer look for more casual dining. The best thing about our dining chairs is that you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort or vice versa. You can have the best of both worlds in just a single piece!

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4. Get creative with fancy or modern decor and tablewares. 

Now that you have the dining room essentials planned out, it's time to pay closer attention to details. Decorating your dining room is just as exciting, granted that you don't overdo it. Opting for fancy or modern decor and tablewares is that they fit any occasion and season.

Abstract or glass vases paired with bold flower arrangements serve as great centrepieces for formal dining events. To give you a better idea, pair our Trigo Abstract Iridescent Glass Vase with our wide range of stems from our faux flower collection.  

Wooden accents and ceramic floor vases are also stylish and eye-catching pieces to tuck into negative spaces in your dining room. Leave lasting impressions on your guests with striking plates and dishes from our golden tableware collection. Doing so is a good option when putting together a luxurious dining room without the hefty costs.

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