The Design Space: Mother’s Day Special Edit

The Design Space: Mother’s Day Special Edit

When it comes to making new changes to your home, an inspiration or icon is often needed to guide you through the style process. Turning your home into a contemporary haven, for example, warrants a closer look at designers who are experts at modern luxury furniture. While others choose to reference several big designer names in the industry for inspiration, many choose someone much closer to home: mother dearest.

Your next best home styling inspiration in one creative series

Even some of the best and most promising designers out there cite their mums as the main driver or catalyst to their styling journey. To give you a closer look, Bubuland Home launches The Design Space, an all-new series that puts designers and their stories under the spotlight.


It is designed (no pun intended!) to spark inspiration and interest in all things home or interior design. Here, we interview inspiring designers and ask them to share their stories from their journeys, their style icons, to how they got into the business.


To kickstart our all-new style inspo series, our first two episodes of The Design Space highlights Jenni Robin and Kellie Richardson, two inspiring designers making waves in Australia’s design industry.


In honour of Mother’s Day, we asked them to share stories about their favourite moments with their mums and even as mums themselves:

Jenni Robin, MDIA

Jenni is the founder and senior interior designer of Jenni Robin Interior Design, an interior design company based in Melbourne. Her scope of work ranges from interior home styling services to commercial projects, powered by more than a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience in the industry.


Jenni cited a diverse range of household designer names when it comes to style inspirations. Her design style, although forever changing, is heavily influenced by the works of Suo Fujimoto, TrishaGuild, Kelly Wearstler, and Simone Haag.


When asked about her favourite moments with her mum, Jenni spoke about a special day she and her mum shared a few years ago:



“I took mum to Hotel Windsor for aMother’s Day high tea. This was a very special day that we were able to share with one another. The interior (of the hotel) was absolutely stunning, the food was wonderful, and of course, mum’s company was the best.” 






Aside from all the work she puts in her company, Jenni is a mum herself to two young and adventurous daughters, Harpa and Hilde, who keep her on her toes. Out side of design, she looks to her own mum as the primary catalyst to her being a great mother herself:




“Mum has always been a very calm person to be around, very loving and caring, and I hope I can mimic some of those great qualities for my own daughters…”

Bubuland Home, collaborated with Jenni on a special project she had in mind about a comfortable yet stylish and timeless daybed sofa. After drafting a hand-drawn sketch of her vision and careful planning, our bespoke furniture service brought her Delatite Chaise Daybed Sofa to life!


handrawn draft of chaise bed by Jenni Robin
Delatite chaise bed in blue





Our collaborations with Kellie have always been nothing less than phenomenal. Her styling portfolio showcases her talent in home decoration and bespoke interior styling. Some of our collections were specially hand-picked to produce a stylish and stunning ensemble under the creative care of Kurved By Design.


Our favourite styles by Kellie? Her styling of our Velvet knot ball cushions, white occasional chair, and Wishbone dining chairs! Curate your own dream home with our modern luxury furniture and home decor collection.  Contact us today!

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