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How to Style Your Dining Room for Special Occasions

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Dining room is where we entertain our guests and create our daily family living. This February for many of us is the festival and celebration time, such as Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day. Weather inviting family and friends to gather for big meals or spending the special night with the loved one, a perfect dining room creates relaxed entertainment and great memories.


1. Finding the Right Dining Table

Round and rectangular are the most common dining table shapes. Round dining tables create a more intimate atmosphere. No matter sharing a mug of coffee in a fresh morning with family or a glass of wine with friends at a cosy night, our Farmhouse Round Dining Table is a perfect option to create the relaxing feeling.


Rectangular dining tables are practical and ideal for large gatherings. With your masterchef dishes, fine wines and stunning tableware, a spacious surface of a dining table is undoubtedly important. Our sturdy and elegant Farmhouse Trestle Dining Table is designed to be the foundational piece of your dining room for any occasions.  


2. Selecting the Perfect Dining Chairs and Beyond

Dining Chairs are a great way to add characters to complete the dining set. With the neutral tone of dining table, it allows you to choose dining chairs more easily with various styles and colours. You can either select a similar colour of dining chairs to match the dining table or a darker colour to add contrast. Wishbone Chair and Cafe Cross-back Chair are a classic and trendy choice to create a contemporary style and relaxed vibe. The natural materials of the seat and minimalist structure of the back support provides the comfort and breath. French Provincial Dining Chair is another popular option for its soft cushioning and elegant look.

Wishbone Dining Chairs - Set of 2 - Bubuland Home

Our natural colour Wishbone Dining Chair is made of solid Ash Wood and natural paper cord.


Don't limit your imagination of dining room seatings to only dining chairs. Placing drum stools in the empty space and bar stools in front of the counter adds more casualties and dynamic functions to the room. If room allows, why not also add an armchair for you or your guests to kick back and sink in before or after the meal.

Bali Bar Stool High -Natural - Bubuland Home
Our beautifully crafted Bali Bar Stool is both sturdy and stylish.


3. Organising the Dining Room with Storage 

Buffets that provide great space for storage and also let you highlight your favourite place. A perfect buffet in dining room can help you organise your kitchen and store dinnerware and tableware away, as a display unit. It will surely impress your guests with calmness.

Melina Wide Buffet - Bubuland Home

Our Melina Wide Buffet is both convenient for storage and stylish and designed to last.

4. Complementing the Sanctuary with Décor and Tableware

Never leave the dining table, island bench or buffet empty, dress them up and delight your guests with unique home decor and stunning tableware. A single or a series of ceramic, glass or metal vases with greenery on dining table is a perfect idea to bring dining room to life. Photo frames placed on the dining table or buffet and artwork hang on the wall adds personal and memorable moments to the room. To create a truly sensual dining room by adding a gloriously scented extra dimension to the room. 

Our Miss Coco Lala Candles come with 5 delicious favours and a luxury marble lid and Spread Your Wing White Ceramic Plate is perfect for serving your dessert and cookies.