5 Great Ways to Style Your Ceramic Vase

5 Great Ways to Style Your Ceramic Vase

Ceramic vases can easily make any room unique and lovely. But you need some basic decorating tips so you can bring out the best of these vases.


Tall and Bright Coloured Vases to Make a Statement

Tall and bright coloured vases are one of the best ways to greet your guests with warmth. Place this  with a few branches or sticks on the front door to easily leave an impression on anyone.


Down to Earth Series Ceramic Vase - 56cm
Premium Giant Elegance Red Vase


Accessorise Your Staircase with a Ceramic Vase Set

Leave your guests fascinated as they enter your home with a ceramic vase set. These can stand alone as a focal point in one of the corners of your room or add some plants or flowers to further add attraction to it.


Rainforest Series Ceramic Vases and Pots


Terracotta Ceramic Vases for Gardens and Terraces

Choose from various ceramic vases prints or add a terracotta colour inside your home to give it a contemporary feel. This is a perfect add on for any terrace or garden as it becomes an eye-catching element of function and form.


Terracotta Garden Pot with Brown Strips | Bubuland Melbourne
Athens Giant Ceramic Floor Vase


Cylindrical Ceramic Vases Can be Paired With Your Favourite Painting

Pair a ceramic vase with a modern painting to compliment the other. See how this combination can make it an elegant add on to your walls.


White and Brown Floor Vase | Bubuland Melbourne
White and Brown Floor Vase


Add Twigs and Plants To Your White Ceramic Vase

White ceramic vases can easily become a vessel for painted twigs, dried flowers, and plants. Put it at the corner of your room, on top of your side and coffee tables or kitchen tops to add colour to your home and offices.


White Coloured Minimalist Giant Pot
Minimalist White Giant Floor Pot


Choose unique ceramic vase sizes to accentuate any area of your room

Get even more creative with these eye-catching handcrafted ceramic vases that come in different colours, styles and sizes. Put it on top of your console table, cabinets or drawers and it can become an instant accessory to your home and offices.

Circular Series Ceramic Vase - Ivory B
Circular Series Ceramic Vase - Ivory B
Stockholm Series Vase - Slope | Bubuland Melbourne
Stockholm Series Vase - Slope
Celine Ceramic Vase - Red | Bubuland Melbourne
Celine Ceramic Vase - Red
Bubble Ceramic Vase | Bubuland Melbourne
Bubble Ceramic Vase


Add life to your kitchen sink with ceramic vases

Put a touch of green to your kitchen by adding small to medium sized ceramic vases to it.

Spotted Ceramic Vase | Bubuland Melbourne
Spotted Ceramic Vase
White with Black Triangle Patterns Ceramic Vase | Bubuland Melbourne
Triangle Pattern Ceramic Vase
Ash Rustic Terracota Floor Vase | Bubuland Melbourne
Black and White Strip Ceramic Vase - Small
Mini Black & White Broken Piece Design Terracota Vase | Bubuland Melbourne
Geo Ceramic Vase - Mini


Use Ceramic Vases for Your Centrepiece

Ultimately, you can choose a ceramic vase for it to become your centrepiece. You can use it to hold flowers or other decorations at the center of your living room table or dining table. Otherwise, use big vases for it to be the focal point of the room.


Milky White Giant Pot | Bubuland Melbourne
Milky White Giant Floor Pot


There are more ways you can use your ceramic vases to decorate homes and offices. Choose from the variety of vases, pots, and planters we have selected just for you. Browse our collection, today.