5 Space-Saving Ideas For Your Luxury Home

5 Space-Saving Ideas For Your Luxury Home

5 Space-Saving Ideas For Your Luxury Home 

a living room set with a sofa, ottoman, side table and lamp

by Nepheline Dacuno

The words “big” and “spacious” are commonly used to describe a luxury home. It’s not uncommon to think that a luxurious abode usually involves living large with grandeur and splendor. 

Other homeowners can achieve luxurious living through small means, whether it’s adorning your living room with home decors such as original artworks, tall floor vases, and table lamps or refreshing your furniture with velvet sofas and leather daybeds, there are so many you can do even with an average-sized home. 

While it is fun and rewarding to redo your home every now and then, a completely new look may warrant bringing in more recent pieces to replace your older ones. As they say, “It’s out with the old and in with the new!”. And this usually means that your storage space may fill up to the brim.

We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to storage spaces for your luxury home to save you the hassle of chucking out your prized possessions. Read on!

1. Turn your kitchen counters into a cosy breakfast nook.

Dining rooms are often the most sociable spaces in a home. Most gatherings, either formal or casual, are hosted around the table. It doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the most important, and arguably the most exciting, areas to redecorate or renovate in a home is the dining room. 

With that said, most luxury homes have separate dining spaces for specific functions. If the idea of a particular formal dining area is not feasible in your home, you can easily create a seamless divide by turning your kitchen counters into a breakfast nook. 

Make use of high bar stools like our Bali High Bar Stools and Black Steel Barstool. They seamlessly add the extra ambiance to a modern home without taking up too much space. If it’s something more straightforward you are after, opt for a small table with stackable stools or chairs that you can quickly put away when not in need.

Plus, they come in individual pieces that fit perfectly in a small living space. In case you decide to go for an upgrade, you can always opt to get a matching piece to complete the look. Take a look at some of our #MyBHStyle entries for inspiration!

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