Toorak Project: A Bespoke Collaboration by Bubuland Home x Elena Rajani

Toorak Project: A Bespoke Collaboration by Bubuland Home x Elena Rajani

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In the intricate world of luxury living, Bubuland Home prides itself on forging diverse collaborations with talented partners. One noteworthy collaboration that has recently taken center stage is the Toorak Project, where Bubuland Home had the privilege of working alongside the esteemed interior designer, Elena Rajani. As we delve into the details, it's crucial to note that our partnerships extend far and wide, each contributing a unique touch to the world of luxury furniture.

The Bespoke Story
Elena Rajani x Bubuland Home

Getting to know Elena Rajani: Elena Rajani, a seasoned interior designer known for her keen eye for detail and passion for creating timeless spaces, shared insights into the inspiration behind the Toorak Project.

Vision for the Toorak Project:

Drawing inspiration from creating an Italian ambiance, Elena crafted a space that caters to a large family and their guests. "We aimed to strike a balance between comfort and sophistication, offering inviting areas for relaxation and entertainment," she explains. Her design incorporated formal spaces, relaxation areas like a cinema, and classic Italian furniture elements.

Toorak Project | Bubuland Home

Entering the Toorak Project means embracing a world where every piece is specially crafted just for you. In our commitment to customisation, each item is uniquely tailored to suit the needs and style of the space. This dedication to bespoke craftsmanship ensures that each element seamlessly fits into the overall aesthetic, making your space both distinctive and functional.

Collaboration Experience:

Elena warmly recounted her collaboration with Bubuland Home, expressing her satisfaction with a five-star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

She enthusiastically praised the professionalism and flexibility demonstrated by her primary contact, Sam. "Working with Bubuland has been fantastic," she enthuses, highlighting the seamless communication and the exceptional accommodation of last-minute requests. Even during the fabric selection process, which unfolded as a delightful exploration of intricate details, Bubuland Home's commitment to excellence shone through. This stellar collaboration experience attests to a level of service deserving of the highest acclaim. 

"They ensured smooth communication and accommodated last-minute requests, even during the fabric selection process, which was a delightful exploration of intricate details."

Toorak Project Update | Bubuland Home

Despite a tight timeline, the collaboration resulted in a swift and efficient process. Delivery at the property came just five months after the engagement, a remarkable achievement considering the project's scale and the holiday break.

Toorak Project Update | Bubuland Home

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Favourite Pieces

Elena shared her personal favourite—the geometric cinema sofa with its plush comfort and thoughtful fabric choices. Additionally, she praised the desk and dining table, each contributing to the project's functionality and grandeur.

"While I am pleased with the entirety of the furniture package, the cinema sofa holds a special place as my personal favorite.

Moon Semi Circle Modular Sofa - Dual Colours Black/WhiteMoon Semi Circle Modular Sofa - Dual Colours Black/White

The geometric design, particularly the ottoman's central placement, mirroring the absent section of the sofa cutout, all crafted from the same fabric, reflects a thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing choice. The combination of faux leather and fabric strikes a perfect balance, enhancing the grandeur of its size.The sofa is generously proportioned and exceptionally comfortable, providing an ideal spot for lay and enjoying movies in style.

Moon Round Ottoman - Dual Colours Black/WhiteMoon Round Ottoman - Dual Colours Black/White

Another favorite of mine is the desk featuring a faux leather top and conveniently accessible sockets. The drawers on the side are perfect to keep the desk clean in this entrance room and the metal legs with the curve match the beautiful architecture feature glass and steel arched doors.

Morden Multi-Functional Freestanding Desk - Black
Morden Multi-Functional Freestanding Desk - Black

I admit that I created this for a previous project with Bubuland however the size and shape work beautifully for this space.

Morden Multi-Functional Freestanding Desk - Black

Finally, the dining table stands out as an exceptional piece, designed to comfortably seat 12 individuals. Crafted with precision by the skilled Bubuland team, the handcrafted metal base adds a distinctive flair to the open space. Meanwhile, the durable and understated porcelain top allows the focus to remain on the surrounding ornaments and the pendant lights above."

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Bespoke Service

Elena further appreciates Bubuland's Bespoke Service, commending their flexibility, customisation, and unwavering support throughout the project.

"I appreciate the flexibility and customization provided by Bubuland Home's tailored services. Additionally, I commend the professionalism, kind availability, and support extended throughout the entire process by Sam. Having someone readily available to address urgent queries is truly invaluable, especially in projects where timing is crucial."  she emphasises.

Bespoke Process

  1. Share Your Details: Provide your vision, preferences, and requirements to kickstart the bespoke journey.
  2. Accept the Quotation: Once satisfied, accept the detailed quotation tailored to your unique specifications.
  3. Approve the Drawing: Review and approve the meticulously crafted drawings, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision.
  4. Watch Us Craft Your Dream Pieces into Reality: Sit back and our skilled artisans will bring your dream pieces to life, ensuring a masterpiece that reflects your distinct style.

Our commitment to bespoke craftsmanship extends seamlessly into both commercial and residential realms. At Bubuland Home, we understand that every space, be it a home or a commercial establishment, holds unique requirements and distinctive styles. That's why we not only offer personalised solutions for individual clients but also cater to collaborative efforts with experts such as interior designers. If our clients already have their design professionals, we seamlessly coordinate with them, ensuring a harmonious integration of our bespoke pieces into their envisioned spaces. On the flip side, for those without designated designers, we're here to assist. Through our extensive network of expert partners, we can connect clients with seasoned professionals who align with their aesthetic preferences and functional needs, ensuring a tailored approach for every project.


Celebrating Collaboration: Beyond the Toorak Project

The Toorak Project stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines Bubuland Home's partnerships. We acknowledge with gratitude the contributions of all our collaborators, recognising that each partnership brings a unique perspective to the world of luxury furniture. While Elena's expertise played a crucial role, it's important to acknowledge the contributions of all partners involved. We aim to celebrate the collaborative spirit that made the Toorak Project a reality, highlighting the value of teamwork and shared vision in achieving design excellence.

Design Collaborators: Elena Rajani Design and Marwood Property Group