Secrets to Choosing the Perfect Side Table

Secrets to Choosing the Perfect Side Table

They may seem like humble companions, but side tables play a crucial role in our living spaces. They offer a convenient surface for drinks, lamps, books, or decorative objects, all while adding a touch of style and personality. But with an overwhelming array of options staring back at you, choosing the perfect side table can feel daunting. Fear not! This guide unveils the secrets to side table shopping, simplifying the process and leading you to your dream piece.

How Do I Choose the Right Side Table?

The key to a successful side table purchase lies in understanding your needs and space. Here are some key factors to consider:

Function First:

  • Purpose: What will you primarily use your side table for? Do you need a flat surface for drinks and snacks, or are you looking for additional storage with drawers or shelves?
  • Lifestyle: Consider your lifestyle. If you have young children, a round table with no sharp corners might be a safer option. Do you crave extra storage? Explore side tables with built-in drawers or compartments.

Craft Hardwood & Marble Side Table - Black | Customisable Marble Handle

Finding the Perfect Fit:

  • Height: Measure the height of your sofa or armchair. The side table's surface should ideally be at armrest level for convenient access.
  • Size: Strike a balance between functionality and space constraints. A small table might feel lost next to a large sofa, while an oversized table could overwhelm a compact living room.

Shape Up!

The shape of your side table can enhance the visual appeal of your space:

  • Round Tables: Perfect for smaller spaces or areas with high traffic where sharp corners pose a risk. They create a softer feel and promote conversation flow.
  • Square Tables: Offer a classic and versatile option, providing ample surface area for essentials.
  • Rectangular Tables: Ideal for placing against a wall or behind a sofa, maximizing space utilization.
  • Hexagonal Tables: Add a touch of contemporary flair and offer a unique visual interest.

Material Matters:

The material you choose influences the table's style, durability, and maintenance:

  • Wood: Warm, natural, and timeless, with various wood types offering different finishes and price points.
  • Marble: Exudes elegance and luxury.
  • Glass: Creates a light and airy feel, ideal for smaller spaces. However, it might not be ideal for heavy objects.
  • Brass or Metal: Adds a modern touch and can be very durable, but might not be the best choice for rustic or traditional styles.

Colour Coordination:

  • Match: Opt for a side table in a colour that complements your existing furniture and décor.
  • Contrast: Create a statement piece with a contrasting color, but ensure it harmonises with the overall colour scheme.
  • Neutrals: For a timeless look, choose a neutral-coloured table that allows other elements in the room to take center stage.

Pro Tip: Don't be afraid to mix and match! A metal side table with a wooden top can create a unique and stylish combination.

By considering these aspects – your needs, space limitations, and desired aesthetics – you can navigate the world of side tables with confidence. Remember, your side table should be a functional and stylish addition to your home, reflecting your personality and enhancing your living space. So, happy side table hunting!