Summer Edit: Seaside Elegance for Your Space

Summer Edit: Seaside Elegance for Your Space

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This summer experience the rhythmic sigh of the ocean. Embrace the soul of the beach, weaving its whispers of adventure and serenity into the very fabric of your space. Get ready to bring the beach vibe home!

1. Setting the Stage

Begin your coastal transformation by setting the stage with a palette reminiscent of sun-kissed sands and azure waters. Soft, sandy hues and oceanic blues lay the foundation for your beachy haven. Imagine sinking into the comfort of your living space, much like the Seabed Storage Sofa invites you to do with its coastal charm.

Seabed Sofa Storage | Bubuland Home


2. Savour Coastal Comfort

Let's ditch the bulky, formal pieces and embrace the laid-back, inviting charm of coastal life. The Ocean Sofa and Seastar Ottoman can have versatile configurations creating cosy coves for intimate chats or open expanses for lively gatherings. Each piece weaves a tale of the sea, creating a harmonious ensemble that invites relaxation. For moments of solo bliss, curl up on the Seashell Armchair, its plush cushions enveloped in calming blues and greys that mimic the ocean depths.

Ocean Sofa - Warwick Lovely Atlantic | Bubuland Home

Seashell Armchair | Bubuland Home

3. Highlight with Sandy Hues

When it comes to infusing your space with the tranquility of the coast, sandy hues play a pivotal role. Enhance the look with earthy elegance by incorporating decor pieces like travertine coffee tables, adding natural tones and textures to the mix. Accessorize with beach-inspired treasures such as seashells, driftwood, and elegant pearl marble sculptures for a touch of luxury.  Integrate textured textiles like cushions with blue hues to bring sensory richness. Embracing sandy hues is not just a stylistic choice but a mindful approach to creating a space that radiates coastal calmness. 

Edge Box Travertine Candle Holder | Bubuland Home

4. Layer Textures

Create depth and warmth by layering textures. The Marine Modular Sofa with Moving Backrest, with its dynamic design, adds a modern touch to your coastal symphony. The movable backrest allows you to customize your seating arrangement, providing a sense of versatility inspired by the ever-changing tides. Pair it with playful cushions to create more depth.

Marine Modular Sofa with Moving Backrest | Bubuland Home

5. Breathe the Ocean Breeze

Lit scented candles that evoke the aroma of sun-warmed sand and blooming seagrasses. Allow natural elements like rattan to not just enrich your decor but also carry a calming scent, a reminder of coastal serenity.

Inhale deeply and let the symphony of coastal scents transport you to the tranquility of the seaside, creating an atmosphere that goes beyond sight and touch, embracing you in the complete experience of coastal living.

Scented Candles & Fragrances | Bubuland Home


 6. Play with Light

Let the sun be your interior designer as you infuse your beach-inspired haven with the magic of natural light. Opt for sheer curtains that waltz with the breeze, orchestrating a dance of sunshine that warmly filters through, casting a golden glow reminiscent of lazy days by the sea.

As the day transitions into night, transform your space into a serene coastal retreat with soft, glowing lampsEmbrace the duality of your coastal sanctuary, where the play of sunlight gives way to the soothing glow of lamps, offering a seamless transition from day to night in your oasis of comfort.

     Floor and Table Lamps

    Use our furniture pieces like anchors, anchoring your coastal dreams, and then let your creativity set sail. Embrace the natural world, play with textures and light, and above all, savour the feeling of being transported to a sun-kissed shore, right in the heart of your home. The sea may call, but your haven awaits, ready to answer. So, hoist the sails and embark on your journey to nautical chic bliss!