5 Things Side Tables Can Do For You

5 Things Side Tables Can Do For You

Side tables are the unsung heroes—a canvas for expression, a companion in daily rituals, and a touch of luxury. Join us as we explore the versatile roles of side tables, each featuring a distinctive design from Bubuland Home. From the silent companions of your midnight reads to the stylish guardians of your morning coffee rituals, discover how these side tables transcend functionality to become indispensable elements in crafting your living space.


1. Reading Companion

In the quiet embrace of the night, let your reading nook come alive with the golden glow of the Golden Brass Side Table. Elegant and timeless, this side table is not just a piece of furniture but a midnight reading companion. Picture yourself immersed in your favourite novel, bathed in the warm light of a soft lamp atop this exquisite table. Let the golden brass add a touch of luxury to your literary adventures.

Design Tip: Maximise impact by placing the Golden Brass Side Table next to a comfortable reading chair or sofa. Ensure warm, focused lighting, and add personal touches with fresh flowers or a contemporary-inspired ceramic vase.

 Golden Brass Side Table



2. Coffee Ritual Sidekick

Your morning coffee ritual deserves a setting that elevates the experience. Position the Glass and Brass Side Table strategically near your favourite spot for sipping coffee. Consider pairing it with a cosy armchair or a plush sofa. To enhance the coffee-centric ambience, add a stylish coffee set and a tray of curated coffee beans. Reflect the morning light through the glass surface, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. Accentuate the brass details with complementary decor items like lamps or coasters.

Design Tip: Create a coffee haven by placing the Glass and Brass Side Table near a cosy seating spot. Use the glass surface to reflect light and add brightness. Accentuate with brass details and coffee-themed decor for a stylish, caffeine-inspired ambience.

 Stella Glass & Brass Side Table



3. Bedside Essentials

Designing your bedside space is an art that combines functionality with aesthetics. Place the Craft Side Table near your bed, ensuring it's easily accessible. The customisable marble handle offers a unique opportunity to coordinate with your bedroom theme. Consider adding a reading lamp or pendant light above the table to provide focused illumination for nighttime reading. Use the discreet drawer to keep essentials organised—think about a stylish catch-all tray for jewelry or a scented candle to add a pleasing fragrance to your bedtime haven.

Design Tip: Coordinate the marble handle with your bedroom theme and add a reading lamp for focused illumination. Use the discreet drawer to keep things secured while within reach.

Craft Hardwood & Marble Side Table | Customisable Marble Handle



4. Artistic Display Hub

Transform your Marble Side Table into an artistic display hub by curating a collection of meaningful items. Place it in a central location where it can be a focal point. Experiment with asymmetry when arranging decor items—vary heights and textures for visual interest.

The cool and smooth surface of the marble provides an excellent backdrop for items like framed photos, small sculptures, or a decorative vase. Play with colour contrasts to make your curated display pop against the timeless beauty of the marble.

Design Tip: Elevate your space by making the Marble Side Table a focal point. Experiment with asymmetrical arrangements and varied textures. Let the cool marble surface enhance your curated display.

Marble Side Tables



5. Compact Charmers for Small Spaces

Small spaces demand smart design choices. The Travertine Side Table, with its compact charm, becomes a versatile addition. Position it next to a sofa or between two chairs to create a cosy seating area. Utilise its surface for a functional purpose—perhaps a stack of your favourite books or a decorative tray for holding essentials.

Design Tip: Create a cosy seating area and use its surface for functional purposes. Enhance the illusion of space by incorporating a mirror nearby.

Travertine Table


As we've explored the diverse roles of side tables, each Bubuland Home design showcased is more than just a piece of furniture—it's a story waiting to unfold in your home. From enhancing your midnight reading adventures to becoming the cornerstone of your morning rituals, these side tables seamlessly blend functionality with style. Craft your narrative with these elegant companions, and let your living space tell a story of timeless sophistication.

Discover the transformative power of side tables—your silent companions, your artistic canvases, and your compact charmers.


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